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FilePilot Copy Videos

Welcome to the FilePilot Copy videos page. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so one of the easiest ways to learn about FilePilot Copy is to watch a video. Below is the beginning of our library of materials, but we will be adding more shortly so please check back again. Or, if you have an idea for a video that would answer a question you might have, just let us know. You can send video or product suggestions to When you have serious data migrations, and file copying tasks use FilePilot Copy.


Why is FilePilot Copy Better?

It's in the code.
Running time is approximately 5:15


Simple Data Migration

A quick walkthrough of data migration using FilePilot Copy. The steps of data migration are shown with a full file copy and an update copy.
Running time 7:53


Simple Copy Task

A quick walkthrough is all that is needed to start using FilePilot Copy.
Running time 2:15


Quick Install

How fast can you install FilePilot Copy?
Running time 1:59










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